Iraq Star is fully committed to providing the highest quality of security service, in a safe and healthy working environment. The Company operates in a responsible manner that enhances human safety and security while conforming to international law, local laws and respect for human rights. We conduct our business and security operations by managing risks to all our stakeholders including; our clients, our employees, our sub-contractors, our supply chain and the community from which we draw our strength.

  • Our policy for business and security operations management is here: (PDF English and Arabic)
  • To understand more about how we achieve our policy objectives, please see our Statement of Conformance: (PDF English)
  • All of our operations are fully certified to the following International Standards Please click to download our certificates:

  • ISO18788:2015 Management system for Private Security Operations [PDF Download]

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance Management [PDF Download]

  • ANSI-ASIS PSC.1-2012 Management System for Quality of Private Security Company Operations [PDF Download]

If you wish to raise a grievance with the Company, please contact the Commercial and Compliance Director on We will investigate and respond to your grievance rapidly, effectively and with appropriate transparency.

If you need to make a confidential report about any concerns regarding the conduct of the Company or its employees, please contact, Our Whistle-Blower Policy is available here(PDF)

Warning: Some companies falsely claim to be ISO certified and others choose less reputable certification bodies to conduct their audits. Iraq Star is proud to have chosen MSS Global as 'best in class' to conduct its certification.To understand more,please read this article 'Not all Certifications are Equal'[Download PDF].